Unchanged Okinawa Awaits.

Unchanged Okinawa Awaits In a time when everything seems to be changing,
it’s nice to know that there are some places left that define the timeless.
Much like you’ll find, just below the surface, in the wonderfully unchanging side of Okinawa.
These are islands with a deep culture, and amazing natural beauty—treasures revered by the island people; riches shared with, and soon loved and respected, by visitors as well.
In these challenging times, it’s good to know that there is a timeless place always awaiting you.
Natural beauty and cultural riches, unique style and cuisine and rhythm of life:
Okinawa is ready for your next journey!




Learn about / Be.Okinawa
Okinawa is a place of beautiful nature and warm-hearted people,
where You can be your true self.
The Be. Okinawa symbol embodies these facets of Okinawa.
“Be.” is a warm expression of welcome, and an invitation from
Okinawans for guests to partake in an experience.


Nuchigusui is life medicine - a wisdom, a philosophy, and a way of life in Okinawa,
centered around mindfulness, spiritual fulfillment, and physical well-being.
Experience Okinawa and live Nuchigusui.


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Okinawa’s unique experiences.