Bloom Your Heart

The time has come.
To open ourselves up again.
To feel more.
To be you.

Welcome to Okinawa,
where the land nourishes your mind and body,
the light and wind awakens your senses
and the culture opens your eyes to a new world.

We are flowers. Every one of us.
Let us remember being in bloom.

Bloom Your Heart

Get Lost. Find Yourself

Adventure Unlimited

Wander in Wonder



Nuchigusui is life medicine - a wisdom, a philosophy, and a way of life in Okinawa,
centered around mindfulness, spiritual fulfillment, and physical well-being.
Experience Okinawa and live Nuchigusui.


Learn about / Be.Okinawa
Okinawa is a place of beautiful nature and warm-hearted people, where You can be your true self.
The Be. Okinawa symbol embodies these facets of Okinawa.
“Be.” is a warm expression of welcome, and an invitation from Okinawans for guests to partake in an experience.


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Okinawa’s unique experiences.