Okinawan Crafts

A Journey to Visit the Unique Textiles of the Islands

There are various dyes, textiles, and crafts throughout Okinawa Prefecture, which are strong reminders of its past as the Ryukyu Kingdom, the maritime island state that traded with countries throughout Asia. We interviewed an expert on dyed textiles research and asked her about the rich world of hand manufacturing and the aesthetic sense of the Ryukyuan people.

Okinawa’s Mingu Craftwork

Redesigning and Passing on Okinawan Craftwork in Contemporary Life

A fireside chat about Okinawan craftwork between Masami Kore’eda, the craftwork artist and Shuji Suzuki, the CEO of Yuimaru Okinawa. Ms. Kore’eda makes various mingu (everyday tools which have come to be regarded as folk art) on Iheya Island, which lies to the north of Okinawa Island, and Yuimaru Okinawa runs boutique shops that sell hand-made works including mingu.


The Bond of Yachimun between Father and Son

The father is a master craftsman who creates a completely traditional shisa (a mystical lion-like animal) and the son is an up-and-coming potter who creates modern ceramics and artwork. The two talk about Okinawan pottery and the shisa they created together.